Session 10

You Look So Sexy When Blood Dribbles Down Your Chin!

After dealing with the forest drake, the PCs ventured to the area of the forest where Stan had seen the hodag — but they could find no trace of it. Jordan remembered that hodags naturally hide their trail by swinging their tails behind them when they walk, making it very hard to track them. Still, there was plenty of unclaimed forest to explore, so the PCs continued adventuring.

Soon they came across a ruined elven keep — one that Lily Crane had told them about. She had heard one existed but knew nothing about it, and asked if the PCs came across it to look for an item of fine elven craftsmanship.

When the PCs got closer to the keep they saw that one of the towers was adorned with bleached humanoid skulls — definitely not something the elves would have used for decorating. Assuming that there was probably evil in the keep that had to be eradicated, the PCs ventured inside. A trapped portcullis came crashing down and pinned Max — and that was the easiest part of the day.

Inside the keep, the PCs tussled with a quickling who identified himself as Rigg. A small, lightning-fast evil fey creature, he stabbed the PCs a few times before realizing he was probably outmatched and took off running. The PCs let him go knowing they could likely never catch up to him, but they will remain vigilant until they know the bastard is in prison or dead.

Oh, also, Jordan inhaled some crazy mist and went a little nuts. It was hilarious!

The owner of the skulls turned out to be a grimstalker, another evil fey, with a pet assassin vine. He tried to barricade himself in his tower but the PCs gained entrance and hit him with missile attacks while he climbed up the walls and over the trees to try to get into the central tower. He cried out something in Aklo as he plunged to his death.

Finally, the PCs climbed up into the central tower where they found a baobhan sith (pronounced baa-vaan shee). Known to Rigg and the grimstalker as the Dancing Lady, this evil fey creature had the appearance of a beautiful, blonde, green-eyed elf. She danced for the PCs, captivating them with her undulating motions. All of the PCs fell prey to her spell at least once throughout the encounter, but they came up with some clever techniques to see past her sexy dance.

Jordan cast Obscuring Mist, Alex kept his eyes closed (and later so did Attila and Max), and then Jordan and Crumpet used a tag team approach to let one attempt to see through the Dancing Lady’s facade while the other watched intently to see if their ally failed. Though the baobhan sith almost killed Alex, draining his blood even as the others gazed on with dopey expressions, the PCs did finally kill her. And thankfully, the psycho fey had some great loot!


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