Session 11

Has Anyone Seen A Hodag Around Here?

While still in pursuit of the elusive hodag, our daring PCs traversed the Southern Narlmarches and befriended 3 fey creatures and a troupe of gnome explorers, all the while dogged by that pesky quickling. Oh, and they did finally catch that darn hodag.

First the PCs headed to Tatzlford to offload magical gear and take care of Official Kingdom Business™. After trading a naked statue for a +1 ring of protection from Lily, the PCs headed out into the wilderness again, still intent on killing that hodag.

While on the road, the quickling Rigg made a few attempts to murder the PCs in their sleep, but was put off by the Alarm spell and appeared to give up. For now, at least.

The PCs met a dryad named Autumn and her lover Falchos. A wicked scythe tree, a type of evil plant, was close to discovering Autumn’s grove. If he did, he would surely devour her. So the PCs tracked down the scythe tree, and between Jordan blowing fire in its face and Attila chopping it nearly in half, the poor thing never knew what hit him! Securing the gratitude of Autumn gave the kingdom +2 to Stability, as Autumn promised to keep tabs on the forest and report to the PCs.

Next the PCs stumbled upon a river bend inhabited by a type of water fey called a nixie. This nixie goes by the name Melody, and she was in a heated argument with a group of lumberjacks. Corax, the leader, was about to attack Melody for charming two of his men. The PCs calmed both sides and discovered that Corax and his men had chopped down a few coachwood trees that Melody was fond of. The PCs directed the lumberjacks to another grove of coachwoods and replaced 3 of Melody’s felled trees, thus earning her gratitude. She promised to watch over the river and attempt to save drowning victims, granting another +2 to Stability.

Then the PCs came upon a group of gnome explorers, led by Jubilost Narthropple, whose caravan was attacked by bandits. Though the bandits proved no match for the hardy little folk, the ponies were spooked and one wagon was almost swept downstream. While Lina, another gnome, calmed the ponies, the PCs helped drag the wagon back to shore. Jubilost was grateful and traded map secrets with the PCs, pointing out notable landmarks and potential trouble in the Southern Greenbelt. He mentioned that he was looking for an old dwarven keep and that he had stumbled upon the lair of a beast — perhaps the hodag?

This lair was indeed the home of the hodag (and it was very hard to find!). The aggressive beast gored a few PCs but was finally put down. Poor hodag!

After all this adventuring, the PCs settled in at the capital and took care of lots of more kingdom business. See the forum for more details on that.


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