Session 12

A Daring Rescue!

After settling in for another year of building and improving the kingdom, the PCs heard about a missing boy. This boy, Billy Tannersen, was known to go exploring and bring back wild animals as pets. His father, who works at the brewery in Stagfall, hadn’t seen Billy for 2 days and was very worried.

The PCs found the boys tracks and saw that he had pushed off on a homemade raft and sailed down the Tuskwater. They trekked along the shore of the Tuskwater Lake until they found the ruins of the raft crashed against some rocks, and blood that seemed to be Billy’s. Crumpet found a trail of lizardfolk prints, and the PCs quickly followed that back to their village.

Max silently swam across the river to reach the island village and ninja-ed over the palisade. He heard Billy crying from inside a hut and found the boy tied up just out of reach of some blood caimans (crocodile types). Meanwhile, the other PCs made a noisy entrance and approached the front gate hoping to gain peaceful access. However, as soon as it was made apparent that they had come for Billy, the chieftain, Vesket, ordered his men to attack.

Max attacked the caimans, hoping to kill them quickly and get the boy out of the village, but unbeknownst to him, an ancient will-o’-wisp was hovering, invisible, next to Billy, feeding off his fear. As soon as Max attacked, the will-o’-wisp electrocuted Max and called for Vesket.

Two fights broke out — one in the hut with Billy and one by the front gate. Jordan fireball-ed the gate to gain entrance. Two of the lizardfolk soldiers swiftly ran up and whispered to the PCs that they would not fight them. The two lizardfolk soldiers allied with the PCs fought against the other soldiers fighting for Vesket. The common villagers huddled in the corner, hoping not to get involved.

Max tried to hold off the will-o’-wisp, Vesket, a few soldiers, and more blood caimans. Crumpet sniped from afar, and the other PCs dealt with more soldiers and a few Narlmarch Muggers (a type of large, poisonous lizard) near the gates. Eventually Attila and Alex made it over to help Max and Crumpet (with a few fireballs from Jordan) and the villagers and allied soldiers defeated the enemy soldiers.

Though it was a close call, especially for Max, in the end the PCs triumphed along with their allies. Attila gave a mighty swing of his greataxe as the will-o-wisp tried to run for cover. Alex healed everyone, and then healed them again, and then again…. He also used his spiritual weapon to fight against Vesket. Jordan, after running out of fireballs, made it his mission to kill one particularly wily Narlmarch Mugger that kept trying to poison Attila.

After the fight was over, the PCs brokered peace with the remaining lizardfolk. A new leader, Salazar, was appointed. They promised not to eat sentient creatures (even already dead ones) so long as they could trade gold and gems for meat from the kingdom. Salazar explained that the will-o-wisp had convinced everyone he was the spirit of a venerated lizardfolk warrior. He had become Vesket’s most trusted councilor and demanded that Billy not be eaten, but tortured. He claimed this was because Vesket’s warriors were too soft and needed hardening, but really he just wanted to feed off the boy’s fear. The other lizardfolk didn’t feel right about this because to them the boy was food, and you don’t torture your food.

Rescuing Billy gave the PCs +2 Loyalty to their kingdom because the townspeople were so happy to have Billy home safe.


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