Session 13

Rabble-Rousers -- More Annoying Than Werewolves

After rescuing cute little Billy Tannersen from a will-o-wisp and hungry lizardfolk, the PCs returned to Stagfall to find that some livestock and townspeople had been slaughtered. To make matters worse, there was a loudmouth named Grigori standing on a soapbox spewing lies about the PCs and blaming all the ills of the kingdom on them.

While investigating the killings, the PCs realized they had a werewolf menacing the town. Hoping that Grigori was the werewolf so they could kill two birds with one stone, the PCs focused their efforts on investigating him. Spymaster Kozynski used his seedy contacts to dig up all the dirt they could on Grigori. And in the meantime, Attila and Crumpet set about spreading good stories about the PCs’ brave deeds and derring-do while buying drinks for the townsfolk.

But during the night, the werewolf attacked again and the PCs chased him down and cornered him by the Cathedral. After beating him to unconsciousness, the werewolf transformed back into a man — sadly, not Grigori, but a barbarian of the Kellid tribe. His name was Kundal, and he was not completely aware of what he had become. The PCs caged him and brought him to a public forum where they explained to the townsfolk that the killings would stop now that he was caught.

Also at this forum, Duke Timon and Grigori faced off in a debate. Though the Spymaster could not find any evidence of treachery among Grigori’s possessions, Duke Timon used his excellent speaking skills to sway the civilians back in the PCs’ favor.

The debate was very close, as Grigori also had considerable skill with public speaking. However, during the debate, Magister Scorch used mind reading to try and learn Grigori’s secrets. During the debate, Grigori’s thoughts focused in on the men who had paid him, and how the 4000 gold was not worth the trouble Grigori was getting into with the PCs. Jordan also heard Grigori think “Fort Drelev.”

Once this piece of information was in the PCs hands, Duke Timon whispered to Grigori that he was found out and would be tried for conspiracy and treason. Grigori quickly changed tactics, and started using his pontificating skills to talk up the PCs and gush about what a good job they were doing.

In exchange for his story, Grigori was allowed to live, though he was banished from Tusklunde. Sadly, there wasn’t much information — only that some men approached Grigori while he was in Fort Drelev and claimed to be working for Baron Drelev. They offered Grigori 4000 gold to come to Tusklunde and sow discord among the citizens, turning them against the PCs.

After all this business in town, the PCs went about exploring again, hoping to find that pesky Worg. Instead they explored a haunted barrow and destroyed the evil, ancient, undead barbarian lurking there, taking his broken +2 Fey Bane Greataxe as reward.


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