Session 37

Rushlight Treachery!

King Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax invited the PCs to his 5th Annual Rushlight Tournament, held in a little area called Rushlight outside of the capital of Pitax. The PCs were skeptical about Irovetti’s claims of wanting friendship, but figured the tournament was a good opportunity to show off the power and strength of Tusklunde while also sussing out their competition in the other River Kingdoms. Plus, they didn’t want to be rude or possibly start a war.

So, Alex, Blaine, Sam, Max, Crumpet, Attila, and Lily Crane all went off to participate in the tournament. Crumpet competed and won in Archery and the Midnight Joust, Blaine competed and won in the Test of Strength, and Lily competed and came in dead last (against stiff competition) in the Boasting challenge.

Also while there, the PCs exposed cheating in the archery competition, much to the thanks of a local archer who had suspected cheating for many years. They also exposed cheating in the Boasting challenge, though it did not help Lily win. Finally, in the Midnight Joust, Crumpet agreed to perform while drunk on the blackberry mead of a local gnome brewer, though Alex cured him of any ill effects before the joust began.

Honestly, that was probably a good idea because the last year’s champion, an evil barbarian named Villamor Koth, tried to attack Crumpet during the Joust! Crumpet still defeated him fair and square, and Villamor backed off.

After winning 3 events and taking home the grand prize — a rod of lordly might — Tusklunde was the belle of the ball! So to speak. But after Irovetti left, and the PCs were packing up, the true reason for their invitation was revealed — Irovetti launched an army against Freeport!

The PCs raced to their town and got there ahead of the army — a regiment of warriors, a band of trolls, and a flight of wyverns. Irovetti’s army proved no match for Freeport’s defenses, and the enemies were quickly routed and driven off.

Now the PCs face the question of how to pay back Irovetti for his “hospitality.”


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