Session 6

Good Luck Storming the Castle!

The PCs finished exploring all of the Northern Greenbelt and were tasked with defeating the Stag Lord, the so-called bandit king, via a new charter from the swordlords of Restov.

The PCs set out for his fort on the edges of the Tuskwater Lake, and came across a hooded figure. When they approached this figure, who would not answer any of their greetings, the figure threw back his hood and revealed himself to be a thawn, a horribly disfigured type of giant. The thawn attacked, but the PCs quickly took care of it (while being sickened at the sight of his sagging skin).

After dealing with the thawn, the PCs continued on to the Stag Lord’s fort. Max and Crumpet attempted to sneak up to the fort and do scouting, but Max was spotted. He pretended to be drunk and the ruse almost worked, especially when the others caught up to him and pretended to be bandits bringing stolen loot to the Stag Lord.

Unfortunately, the ruse failed when Crumpet, attempting to sneak back to the others without the bandits on the watchtower noticing, walked over the side of the hill and triggered an ancient curse. The curse was set there by Gyronna, who was annoyed that the cultists who used to live in the fort (long, long ago) had stopped being so violent. She awoke the dead cultists resting in the graves that littered the hillside and brought them back to life as zombies, who then killed all the cultists. Ever since then, anyone who walks on the hillside surrounding the fort (and not on the path) has a chance of awakening zombies.

Most of the Stag Lord’s bandits knew about the zombies, and therefore would not be caught dead (hehe) on the hillside. So, when Crumpet triggered the zombies, the bandits knew these were not friends, and attacked.

Using Obscuring Mist to protect them from the bandits firing arrows from the towers, the PCs killed about a dozen zombies before reaching the fort’s front gate. The PCs also fired shots back at the bandits, and Max fired an amazing shot from his sling and killed Falgrim Sneeg, a former soldier who had betrayed Olivia Garess.

Once at the gates of the fort, the PCs called to the bandits to surrender.


After Action Report – Stag Lord Keep Gates


Opposition 2 opp. forces, Zulu and Alpha
| Observer
Alexandros Timon
Objectives Assault BP gate, gain entrance to fortified compound
Location Hill below the Stag Lord’s Keep
Special Opp. force Zulu apparently animated corpses, Alpha used keep to engage with range only


  • Review objectives and infiltration doctrine
  • Scout BP (aborted)

Key results

  • Engaged compound gate
  • Neutralized opp. force Zulu
  • Squad reacted quickly to changing situation
  • Heavy use of concealment tactics effective even during battle
  • Minor damage to squad


Our initial scouting triggered both opposition force’s early engagement. Intelligence gathering entirely missed early warning corpse animation wards. Wards served two purposes, first, to warn opposition force Alpha within fortified position, and second to create opposition force Zulu to harass and delay us.

Nevertheless, major objectives achieved, and a superior position outside the compound was secured. Further, opposition force Alpha were significantly distracted by concealment actions. The majority of our casualties came from people leaving the concealment area when not instructed to do so.

In this case, our enemy used non-human combatants (animated corpses) to sow confusion in our squad. The tactic was more effective against our squad’s non-human members, although, as normal Max did not follow protocol.

Session 6
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