Session 7

The Stag Falls

The bandits opened the front gate but had no intention of surrendering, instead setting loose the very large and very mean Auchs (a bandit) and Beaky (an owlbear). But the bandits, for all their numbers, were not well trained. The PCs killed Auchs (mostly) and the owlbear before the bandits could close the gate behind them.

Inside the fort the PCs continued to dodge arrows fired by the bandits. One bandit, Dovan, attempted to hurt the PCs from the shadows, but he only managed one sneaky attack on Attila before the gnome rushed him and chopped off his head.

The Stag Lord tried to employ similar tactics. He finally revealed himself after firing an arrow at Alex, but immediately retreated behind the corner. Alex, Jordan, and Miss Woof-Woof (who had been tasked to protect Jordan, unbeknownst to the wizard) went after him while Crumpet, Attila, and Max went after the bandits in the towers.

Alex and Jordan came across a naked woman, Medwind Song, who had been tied to a bed and tortured by Dovan. Medwind had already undone most of her bonds, but Alex and Jordan helped her get completely free. Alex went around the corner after the Stag Lord while Jordan handed Medwind her clothes. She threw them down, however, in favor of her two bastard swords and asked to be pointed in the direction of Dovan.

Jordan went around the corner after Alex and finally got away from Miss Woof-Woof, who chose to follow and protect Medwind. Alex and Jordan both took a lot of damage from the Stag Lord, but once the other PCs joined them, they soon surrounded the bandit king. Obviously hung over, the Stag Lord dropped his bow and took up his sword, which was the last mistake he ever made. (Oh, he also was too drunk to remember that he had a couple of healing potions! D’oh!)

After finding the decapitated Dovan, Medwind joined the PCs, but the fight was already won. The PCs killed the unrepentant bandit king! Beneath his helm was a face horribly scarred by acid burns. In fact, there were burns and scars all over his body. Who had hurt the Stag Lord? Did this torture turn him into the monster he was?

Medwind put her clothes back on while the PCs checked the fort for any survivors or other dangers. In the basement, along with all the stolen loot accumulated by the bandits, the PCs encountered a very strange man. This man, very old and haggard looking, crawled towards them — while attached to the ceiling! He summoned a giant ant to attack and attempted to transform into a badger, but the PCs killed him before he could do so. Unfortunately, the man seemed to have a death wish, as he attacked without provocation and even up against insurmountable odds. The PCs never knew who he was, though he did bear a resemblance to the Stag Lord…


After Action Report – Stag Lord Keep Gates


Opposition Stag Lord plus “army”
Observer Alexandros Timon
Objectives Enter keep, neutralize opp. force, neutralize Stag Lord
Location Stag Lord’s Keep
Special Continued engagement from previous AAR


  • Engaged all personal force-multipliers during immediately previous action
  • See previous AAR

Key results

  • Gained entrance to keep
  • Neutralized opp. force
  • Neutralized Stag Lord
  • Rescued non-hostile human prisoner
  • Secured BP
  • Moderate damage to squad
  • Minimal damage to BP


I engaged the initial counter-attack and was first through the gate. Crumpet, Jordan and Max hung back and engaged the towers at range. Atilla proved effective chasing down and routing entrenched enemy positions within the towers, while the core of the squad kept them pinned. Jordan and I moved forward into the keep sighting the opposition force leader as he emerged from Ambush. Jordan and I both sustained heavy damage from force multipliers employed by said leader. After several retreats by opposition leadership, Jordan used anti-concealment tactics to prevent further escapes. At this point most of the squad engaged and destroyed remaining enemy forces including leadership.

Once again, our enemy used non-human combatants (an Owlbear), this time at the entrance point. The tactic was mitigated somewhat by concealment tactics previously employed by squad. Further, Owlbears appear vulnerable to piercing around the eyes.

Session 7
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