Session 8

And We Shall Call It... This Land

“I think we should call it Your Grave!”

Oh wait, wrong story.

So, after giving Davik Nettles his revenge by throwing the Stag Lord’s body into the river, the PCs headed back to Oleg’s to send news of the bandit king’s defeat to Restov.

Once it was confirmed that our intrepid heroes had defeated the Stag Lord, routed the Northern Greenbelt of banditry, and killed off most of the land’s more dangerous “citizens,” the swordlords of Restov sent a new charter — start a kingdom and colonize the Greenbelt!

To show their good will and desire to remain friendly with this fledgling kingdom, Restov sent money, supplies, and colonists to the Greenbelt.

The PCs set about founding their kingdom. They chose the Stag Lord’s fort as the site for their new capital city, Stagfall, and rebuilt the fort into a castle called Venison Keep (after cleansing the area of the zombie curse).

Choosing leadership involved appointing the PCs to fitting roles and recruiting friends and new allies, including Oleg Larson, Svetlana Larson, Medwind Song, Olivia Garess, Jhod Kavken, and Lily Crane.

A year went by, and the kingdom (still not officially named, but known as the Tusklands), continued to grow. New cities sprang up: Fort Larson in place of Oleg’s Trading Post, Tatzlford in place of the old tatzlwyrm dam, and Templehome in place of the ruined Erastil temple. Even the Sootscales joined the new kingdom! The PCs were on their way to establishing a bastion of civilization.


One fine spring day, a slight breeze coming off the shining blue Tuskwater, Crumpet lounged atop a stone wall, one leg dangling on either side. The wall was one of four going up around the castle at Venison Keep, and the only one complete thus far. Crumpet sighed and slouched back against the stone side of an incomplete tower.

“Pretty good view there,” came a voice from behind the relaxing half-elven man. Crumpet turned slightly to see Alexandros coming up the stairs, wearing his simple black and white religious robes and carrying a lump of silver already partially formed into a circlet.

As Alexandros came further up the stairs, Crumpet could see the belt-pouch full of crafting tools Alex always seemed to be carrying these days. A bit of fine golden chain hung loose from one of the flaps in the pouch. “What are you doing there?” Crumpet nodded towards the chain.

Alex replied with a tiny grin and a wink, “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” Glancing up for a second, Alexandros paused. “I guess I should say ‘we’ wanted to talk to you. You see, we have the magic to make you more powerful. We can make you better.. stronger.. faster.”

Crumpet idly picked a fly from the air with a quick gesture and turned his head to stare at Alex. “I’m already pretty fast.”

Alex raised his hands in a placating gesture, “I know. I know. But we can enhance that, and I wanted to offer you a belt. For now, we can make you either stronger, or faster, but in time, we can do both.” He paused again, his blue eyes betraying nothing of his thoughts, “but it will cost you.”

Crumpet gave Alex a level look. “Of course, you’re human, it—”

“I want to name this land,” interrupted Alex. “Alexandria has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Crumpet stared at the serious looking cleric for a few heartbeats before bursting out laughing.

Alex grinned in reply and then gave him the list of raw materials necessary for the creation of a new magical belt.

Session 8
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