Session 9

The Kingdom Better Appreciate These Fucking Mushrooms

After establishing Stagfall, the PCs spent a year building their kingdom. But soon enough, the itch to go exploring had to be scratched. When Svetlana Larson told the PCs about an aggressive, man-eating giant turtle, a spiky, lumberjack-attacking hodag, and an evil, shifty forest drake, the PCs opted to lay down their paperwork and take up their weapons for a while and go forth to make The Kingdom (which still doesn’t have a name) safer.

The PCs took care of Old Crackjaw the menacing turtle and the forest drake (but not until after it got the jump on them and almost killed a few horses).

Additionally, the PCs found an odorous mud pit that had mushrooms growing all around it. When Crumpet ventured close to see what type of mushrooms were growing there he was attacked by a huge carnivorous plant called a tendriculos! This giant plant has a paralyzing bite and it almost swallowed Crumpet whole. Thankfully the PCs used smelling salts to brace themselves against the nausea-inducing smell of the mud and fought the plant with flame and sword.

Aiding in the fight was an old human sorceress who told the PCs to call her Old Beldame (though her real name is Elga Verniex). She used Slow and Ray of Enfeeblement to help keep the tendriculos from eating Crumpet. She told the PCs she lived in a hut on the edge of the Tuskwater and does not like visitors.

Still, despite all the trouble, the mushrooms growing there are black rattlecaps and should be a nice resource for the kingdom.


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