Alexandros Timon

A broad-shouldered man, fair of hair, pale complected and blue eyed, Alexandros stands about 6 feet tall.


Alexandros Timon
6’0" 197 lbs
Neutral Good, Numerian/Ulfen Human

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Salient Facts

Birthday: Born on the 7th of Neth (the day before Abjurant Day) in the year 4686 AR
Parents: Deceased – Mother, Siobhan; Father, Alexei
Important Goals: Liberate Numeria from the Yoke of Tyranny
Marital Status: Married to Marian Palhalyn with two children, Anwen Jordan Palhalyn Timon and Niall Maxim Palhalyn Timon


Alex’s mother was a ethereal woman of great beauty. In fact a sorceress of the celestial bloodline, she was not overly hale to begin with and she barely survived childbirth. Indeed, prior to Alex’s 9th birthday Siobhan died of illness and complication relating to the harsh environment in northern Numeria. Before she died, she told Alex nothing of her bloodline.

By contrast, Alex’s father was a stocky plain looking man with a blunt demeanor. Alexei met Siobhan while exploring the Lake of Mists and Veils, but while his attraction to her was more than simply physical, even Alexei would never be able to adequately explain why she returned his love.

Alexei was a moderately accomplished wizard, but always bemoaned the fact that he was not healthy enough to have been a soldier. In his later years, he spent a good deal of time bed-ridden. Alexei died the day after Alexandros’ 18th nameday. Alexei Timon died in conjured flame so hot it melted even his bones.

Before their deaths, Alex’s parents were always fighting about what Alex should do with himself when he “grew up.” Always a serious child, Alex never understood the scope of the argument until many many years after his mother’s death. Siobhan wanted Alex to choose his own destiny, and Alexei wanted Alex to avoid magic and become a soldier. Both of Alex’s parents were token worshipers of Nethys, but, though Alex never knew this, they worshiped only out of fear of local reprisal.

On the day of Alex’s 7th birthday, shortly before his mother died, Alex had a vision of a misty, veiled woman in white and black clothes also of mist. Before discussing this with his parents, Alex ran to the local priest of Nethys (unknown to Alex, actually just a dark sorcerer) and told the man of what he had seen. Sensing an opportunity, the sorcerer told Alex of the Arcanotheign, the mist formed woman of black and white who serves Nethys. The man told Alex that he should take this as a sign and begin to train in magic.

Alex returned to his parents house and began, in secret, to study his father’s magical spellbook trying desperately to learn even one single spell. By his 8th nameday, he had mastered a cantrip of his father’s called “acid splash” which he used upon a local varmint. Believing he saw black and white mist as it passed, Alex brought the corpse to his mother in pride.

When Siobhan saw the mangled corpse of a squirrel in Alex’s hand, she fell backward in shock, cracking her skull open. Though Alex and Alexei rushed her to the local healer, and her wounds were treated, the harsh environment of Numeria saw to it that this was the beginning of her end.

After Alex’s mother died, Alexei made him promise to give up magic and become a solider. Alex enrolled in the local militia at the age of 16, and toured for nearly 2 years. For his 18th nameday, Alex took leave to visit his ailing father and show off his martial prowess.

The next day, one of the dark sorcerers of Nethys came upon the cottage. For reasons still unknown, he lashed out with sorcery, binding Alex with a holding spell, he could do nothing while the sorcerer made his father scream. In the end, Alex passed out from shock, terror and exhaustion. But while he was unconscious he had another vision of a glowing rune in black and white made up of mist and a woman’s voice whispering, “you have much yet to understand.”

When he finally woke, he found himself alive and unhurt, his ankles under water he later learned to be the Lake of Mists and Veils. That day (Abjurant Day), Alex swore himself to Nethys, and swore to himself that he would use Nethys’ own power to protect those in need and to destroy those who would cause wanton destruction. As the sun set over the lake, a woman formed of mist appeared to Alex and took him in her arms. The next day, he awoke with power.

Alexandros Timon

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