Potion brewer


Chaotic Neutral human male adept level 5.

Str 8, Dex 8, Con 8, Int 16, Wis 16, Chr 10

Bokken is old, frail, and slightly deaf, but his mind is still sharp.

Bokken can make potions from any spell on the adept list of 2nd level or lower.


Bokken lives in a hut near Fort Larson.

Bokken can brew potions and sells them to the PCs.

Bokken had a brother who had mental issues that left him murderous and insane. The PCs were forced to kill him, which did not bother Bokken in the slightest, especially as it reunited him with his mother’s locket, which Bokken’s brother stole.

Bokken is a friend of Medwind Song. After she first arrived on this plane, he took her in for a few weeks while she got used to the language (our Common is much like the language the city folk of her world speak). Bokken also deduced that she was from another plane, and sent her off towards Restov to find a mage who might be able to send her back home. Unfortunately, she never made it there, but now she is the Royal Executioner for Tusklunde.


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