Friendly boggard


Chaotic Neutral male boggard

Speaks Boggard and Common, thanks to studying done at the Caster’s Tower in Sanctum.

Garuum is a frog-like humanoid.

Boggards usually live in mud huts on the banks of large rivers or marshes. Boggards have tribal societies, and are usually evil. However, Garuum lives away from boggard society, with his pet slurk Ubagub, and is not evil.

Ubagub is a lumbering, pale purple frog-like creature with sickly green eyes, a healthy covering of slime, and two huge, walrus-like tusks.


Garuum lives in Sanctum, working as a groundskeeper for the Caster’s Tower that lies on the bank of Skunk River.

The PCs first met Garuum on their travels, and gestures of peace were exchanged. Later, the PCs claimed the land where Garuum lived, with his permission, for their kingdom Tusklunde. Garuum stayed on as groundskeeper and originally hoped to learn magic, but found he did not have the talent for it nor the desire to study books for long periods of time. He did, however, learn to speak Common.


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