Kisandra Numesti

Friendly noblewoman


NG female human rogue 2/aristocrat 3

Kisandra Numesti was once a noblewoman from Fort Drelev. After Baron Drelev surrendered to King Irovetti and Armag the Twice-Born, he agreed to an order from Armag to deliver 5 noblewomen as hostages. Kisandra’s sister Tamary is one such woman, and their father Terrion was thrown in the dungeon for disobeying the order to give up Tamary.

Kisandra, unsure how to save her family, heard about Baron Drelev’s plans to attack Tusklunde’s city of Tatzlford. Wanting to warn the people of Tatzlford, and perhaps find allies to help her save her family, disguised herself as a soldier and traveled with the band to Tusklunde. Then she snuck off on her own to warn the people.

The attack on Tatzlford was hideously unsuccessful, and Kisandra managed to persuade the PCs to help her save her father and sister. She is now hiding in Fort Drelev with her rescued father, where they meet secretly with townspeople to convince them to support the PCs’ takeover of Fort Drelev.


Kisandra Numesti

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