Oleg Larson



Neutral Good human male

Level 5 expert (shopkeeping)

STR 12, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 12, CHA 8, WIS 16

Best skills: Appraise, Profession: Merchant, and Craft Leather


Oleg is tall, middle-aged, and gruff looking. It’s a wonder how he ever scored a babe like Svetlana. Must be his winning personality?

Oleg is surly, but a friend of the PCs because they helped save his trading post from bandits. After founding a kingdom, the PCs recruited Oleg to be Treasurer. Of course, now that Sam Weatherwax has taken that position, Oleg has gone back to running his trading post, which serves as a stable and lies at the center of Fort Larson.

Oleg enjoys counting money, doing handy-man-type-things, and snuggling with his lovely wife, Svetlana (though he would never admit to such).

Oleg does not enjoy crowds, pretentious snobs, or Communism.

Oleg Larson

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