Phaedra Greyson

A dark skinned, dark haired brawny woman with a pinched face


Pheadra Greyson
Neutral Good, Taldan Human
5’11" 155lbs

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Born a native of Rostland, Phaedra was always interested in the outdoors. As the daughter of two freeholders (farmers), she learned to appreciate the concept the freedom inherent in Brevoyan culture. The idea that her parents carved a life for themselves out of wilderness and free trade always filled her with a sense of pride. As Phaedra matured, she came to appreciate the challenges inherent with the so-called Brevoy spirit. In her short years, she had already experienced several arguments with tax-collectors over inconsistent rates and long periods of worry over a lost crop when the roads would flood and no goods could move.

After her parents finally died, Phaedra sold the farm and set out to learn about the world. She traveled for many years trying out a number of different crafts and more scholarly pursuits. When Phaedra heard about the new (more organized) Kingdom of Tusklund calling for settlers, she rushed back to Brevoy in order to help found a new frontier.

Once she finished helping Loy Rezbin build up Tatzlford, Phaedra returned to the Tuskwater Academy, where she was personally recruited by Alexandros Timon due to her background in both magic and swordplay. At Alex’s request, Phaedra spent a year learning more about running a ship from the Tuskwater Academy in Stagfall and more recently another 6 months learning about being a soldier in Haven, which she likes a lot better than sailing. Phaedra is hoping to make some money as a commander of one of Tusklunde’s armies, so she can afford Mithral Full Plate.

Phaedra is the current captain of the King’s Guard.

Phaedra Greyson

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