Satinder Morne

Friendly cleric of Calistria


CN female human cleric of Calistria

Satinder Morne runs the brothel The Velvet Corner in the town of Fort Drelev. She is Kisandra Numesti’s secret lover (though no doubt Satinder has many secret lovers) and an ally to the PCs in their attempt to liberate Fort Drelev from the Baron’s terrible rule.

Currently the PCs are using The Velvet Corner as headquarters, while Satinder helps with the relief efforts. Her prostitutes, meanwhile, try to keep the “customers” (brutish mercenaries) satisfied.



Satinder Morne CR 5
XP 1,600
Female human cleric of Calistria 5/rogue 1
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init 5; Senses Perception +3
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (
3 armor, 1 Dex)
hp 31 (6d8
Fort 4, Ref +4, Will +7
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 dagger +5 (1d4
Ranged mwk dagger +5 (1d4/19–20)
Special Attacks channel positive energy (3d6,
DC 14, 5/day), sneak attack +1d6
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 5th;
concentration +8)
At will—copycat (5 rounds/day)
6/day—dazing touch
Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 5th;
concentration +8)
3rd—bestow curse (DC 16), inflict serious
wounds, suggestionD (DC 16)
2nd—eagle’s splendor, inflict moderate
wounds, invisibilityD, undetectable alignment
1st—bane (DC 14), command (DC 14), disguise
selfD, entropic shield, inflict light wounds
0 (at will)—detect poison, light, purify food
and drink, resistance
D Domain spell; Domains Charm, Trickery
Before Combat Satinder casts
undetectable alignment every day. If she
has advance warning of approaching
enemies, she drinks her potion of aid.
During Combat Satinder likes to turn enemies against each other whenever possible, relying on
suggestion or her wand of charm person to sway them. She
targets remaining opponents with debilitating spells like
bestow curse and her inflict spells.
Morale Satinder always looks for ways to escape combat so she
can prepare a more fitting revenge for her enemies later. She
tries to escape via invisibility if brought below 20 hit points.
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 14
Feats Brew Potion, Improved Initiative, Persuasive,
Weapon Finesse
Skills Bluff +10, Diplomacy +13, Intimidate +13, Knowledge
(local) +7, Knowledge (nobility) +7, Profession (madam) +8,
Sense Motive +9, Stealth +6
Languages Common, Elven
SQ trapfinding +1
Combat Gear elixir of love, potion of aid, potions of cure light
wounds (2), potion of delay poison, wand of charm person
(17 charges); Other Gear +1 leather armor, +1 dagger,
masterwork daggers (5), holy symbol, ruby ring worth 300
gp, spell component pouch, 99 gp

Satinder Morne

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