Svetlana Larson

Councilor of Tusklunde


Leadership role: Councilor

Neutral Good human female

Level 8 expert (shopkeeper)

STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 10, CHA 17 (19), WIS 13

Best skills: Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and Knowledge Local

Svetlana is beautiful, always welcoming with a warm smile.


Svetlana is a friend to the PCs because they helped save her trading post from bandits, and recovered her stolen wedding ring. After founding a kingdom, the PCs recruited Svetlana to be Councilor. The trading post now serves as a stable and lies at the center of Fort Larson.

Svetlana enjoys cooking (especially Moon Radish Soup), being a good listener, and painting with watercolors.

Svetlana does not enjoy rude people, bandits, drunks, or vermin (especially earwigs).

She is married to Oleg Larson.

Svetlana Larson

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