Crown of Authority

A mithral crown carved with intricate designs


The Crown of Authority is a type of headband of mental superiority +6.

Aura: Strong transmutation
CL: 16th
Weight: 1 lb
Restrictions: non-evil only

As an intelligence boosting item the crown also grants the user ranks in three skills (equal to the user’s character level) and three languages. The skills granted are Acrobatics, Perception and Use Magic Device. The languages granted are Elven, Sylvan and Aklo.


Forged by Alexandros Timon in the year 4709, for himself. The crown bears a mark “A.T. 4709.” The crown bears intricate designs etched into its pure mithral base. The draconic runes shift and change over time, telling the story of Sarenrae’s defeat of Rovagug. As well, the gemstones set around the circlet flare up in different colors depending on the wearer’s mood, though he can suppress this effect at will.

Crown of Authority

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