Talon of the Baron

A savage spear with a gleaming tip wreathed with ghostly flame

weapon (melee)

The Talon is a +1, Keen spear with Continual Flame cast upon its haft and point.

Aura: Moderate transmutation
CL: 10th
Weight: 6 lbs

Since the spear has Continual Flame cast upon it as a 3rd level spell (Cleric), it negates magical darkness spells of 3rd level or lower.


The Talon was recovered by the PCs as part of a quest to kill a hodag by Stan the lumberjack in Desnas of 4710. Alexandros Timon claimed the spear as his own and later cast the continual flame spell upon it around the same time as he named it the Talon of the Baron.

The spear was eventually sold to the Kingdom in the year 4712.

Talon of the Baron

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