Session 5
Creature Feature

The PCs covered a lot of land, wanting to finish mapping the Northern Greenbelt and clear up any dangers that would prevent colonization. Among these dangers:

Tuskgutter, a particularly violent boar. The PCs killed the mighty pig and were rewarded by a local hunter (who had somewhat exaggerated Tuskgutter’s size).

1 trapdoor spider, who lived under a trap door (naturally) in a field littered with animal and humanoid bones.

1 will o’ the wisp — unfortunately, this evil creature got away, fleeing from the PCs when it realized it was outmatched.

1 swarm of chew spiders — these spiders made their webs all over the fangberry patch. After clearing away the spiders, the PCs gathered as many berries as they could and brought them to Bokken, the potion brewer, for a reward.

The PCs also discovered a vein of gold, a rickety bridge, a stash of loot under a lightning-struck tree, and a ruined rope bridge.

This ruined bridge once belonged to a man named Davik Nettles. The PCs “met” Nettles when they rang the old bell at the bridge. A walking corpse rose from the water and demanded that the PCs avenge his murder by killing the Stag Lord and dumping his body in the river.

Session 4
Of Mites and Kobolds

While exploring, the PCs found a radish patch and killed a few kobolds who attacked without provocation. One remaining kobold finally calmed down and explained how much his kind loves the moon radishes growing in the patch. The PCs let this kobold go and tracked him to the abadoned silver mine where the kobold tribe, known as the Sootscales, live.

In these caves, the PCs met Chief Sootscale, the leader of the kobold tribe. However, when the PCs first met Chief Sootscale, it was clear he was not really in charge. The tribe answered to kobold mage named Tartuk. The PCs discovered this mage convinced the kobolds to worship a dragon/demon he called Old Sharptooth, and he was manipulating the kobolds into fighting a war with the mites, who had stolen a “magic” statue.

The PCs quickly killed Tartuk, and found a journal among his possessions. This journal revealed that Tartuk was in fact born a gnome and subject to a reincarnation spell that brought him back as a kobold. Being reincarnated as a kobold, a species loathed by gnomes, left the already sociopathic Tartuk quite bitter. He devoted the rest of his life to manipulating kobold tribes into destroying gnome villages and fighting wars they could never win.

After killing Tartuk, the PCs performed a bogus ritual meant to convince Chief Sootscale that they had saved his tribe from Old Sharptooth. A peace treaty was forged between the kobolds and the PCs.

Next, the PCs decided to rid the Greenbelt of the mite menace. Using information from the kobolds, and the tracking skills of Crumpet, the PCs found the giant sycamore that sat atop the mites’ lair. The intrepid PCs found the secret entrance, and laid waste to the evil fey inside. This included not only some 20 mites, but their beloved pets — giant centipedes. There was also a giant tick that the mite leader rode around on!

After killing the mites, the PCs found Svetlana’s lost wedding ring and returned it to her, along with a bushel of moon radishes.

Session 3
Fill In The Blanks

The PCs had previously dispatched one tatzlwyrm who dwelt in a dam, but before the beast died, she cried out to her mate, Sleezak.

Well, the PCs returned to that dam, killed Sleezak, and came one step closer to making the Greenbelt safe for colonization.

Additionally, the PCs continued to explore the lands, making notes in their map, such as the location of a dead unicorn and a statue of Erastil. They also found an ancient barbarian cairn. They looted the grave and found a ring of swimming, which Alex later sold.

Also killed:

1 brush thylacine, who had been trapped. The poor creature died a slow, agonizing death at the hands of the PCs.

6 wolves, who sprang from the woods and attacked the PCs and their horses.

Session 2
Amphibians, Dragons, and Grizzlies -- Oh, My!

After dispatching of the bandits at the Thorn River camp, the PCs set out to explore and map the Northern Greenbelt. Along the way, they killed and/or met the following “citizens” —

Killed: two giant frogs who lived in a pond with hot springs.

Killed: a brush thylacine that mauled Alexandros Timon.

Killed: one tatzlwyrm who dwelt in a dam. The village of Tatzlford sprung up in this location.

Killed: a former priest of Erastil who had been cursed into the form of a grizzly bear. The cursed priest lived in a ruined temple of Erastil, but when the PCs killed him, the taint was lifted. This deed brought the PCs the gratitude of Jhod Kavken, a cleric of Erastil they met at Oleg’s Trading Post. The ruined temple was rebuilt and became the center of the town Templehome.

Befriended: a boggard named Garuum and his pet slurk, Ubagub. It was difficult for the PCs to communicate with Garuum as he only knew about 10 words in Common. Still, gestures of peace were exchanged.

Additionally, the PCs found a glade filled with bear traps, set by a mean-spirited trapper who didn’t care what or who fell victim to his traps. The PCs also found the dead body of this trapper, crushed by logs he was setting into a trap.

Session 1
The Trouble With Bandits

The PCs gathered at Oleg’s Trading Post, having accepted a charter that tasked them with exploring the Northern Greenbelt of the Stolen Lands and rooting out evil creatures and bandits.

Oleg Larson informed the PCs about the bandits that were extorting him. The PCs laid a trap, and when the bandits came calling, the PCs made short work of them. One bandit informed the PCs of the camp he came from, and the woman who led them, Kressle. In exchange for this information, and for swearing to join the city guard of Restov, this bandit was set free.

The PCs set out to the Thorn River camp to defeat Kressle and her other bandits. Along the way, the PCs met a grig, Tyg-Titter-Tut, and her faerie dragon friend, Perlivash. They agreed to disrupt the sleep of the bandits at the Thorn River camp.

Upon reaching the Thorn River camp, the PCs quickly dispatched of the bandits, including Kressle. The PCs also learned from another bandit about a man calling himself the Stag Lord, who seemed to be in charge of all the bandits in the Northern Greenbelt.


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