Completed Quests

Kisandra’s Plea (a 3-parter)

Source: Kisandra Numesti

Quest: Kisandra asks the PCs to rescue her father Terrion from the dungeons below Drelev Keep and her sister Tamary from the Tiger Lord barbarians, and also to remove Baron Drelev from power and seize control of the city of Fort Drelev, thus liberating its citizens from the baron’s despotic rule. The three portions of this quest can be completed in any order. Kisandra’s father and sister must be delivered to safety from their respective locations—Fort Drelev counts as a safe location once the baron is removed and Irovetti’s mercenaries are routed. To liberate Fort Drelev, the PCs must earn 20 Liberation Points in the city and either kill or capture Baron Drelev.

Liberation Points: In order to free Fort Drelev, the PCs must accomplish two goals—they must kill or capture Baron Drelev, and they must accumulate 20 Liberation Points (LP) by accomplishing certain actions while avoiding others.

Methods of gaining (or losing) Liberation Points are summarized below—note that it’s possible to have negative Liberation Points.

Citizen Death: –3 LP per citizen killed by the hill giants or the Drelev guards; –10 LP per citizen killed by a PC
Defeat Guard: +1 LP for every two guards defeated
Defeat Hill Giant: +1 LP per Drelev hill giant defeated
Kill/Capture Armag: +6 LP
Kill/Capture Baron Hannis Drelev: +6 LP
Kill/Capture Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev: +2 LP
Kill/Capture Imeckus Stroon: +4 LP
Languishing: –2 LP per day spent without liberation (this penalty cannot reduce LP lower than 0)
Public Destruction: –5 LP per building partially ruined, –10 LP per building destroyed
Public Fight: –1 LP per round combat persists
Relief Work: Each day the entire party spends helping restore Fort Drelev (by casting healing magic, entertaining, training soldiers, and so on) grants +1 LP
Rescue Lord Terrion Numesti: +4 LP
Rescue Tamary Numesti: +4 LP
Stimulate Economy: Spend 1d4 Build Points to gain +1 LP (You can only do this once Baron Drelev is defeated, as a way of gaining additional Liberation Points if necessary to raise your total up to 20.)

Reward: Completing this quest allows the PCs to annex Fort Drelev and its lands without increasing their nation’s Unrest. Furthermore, as this is a three-part quest, its completion earns the PCs three times as many experience points—for completing this quest, they’ll earn 38,400 XP.

Status: The PCs have already rescued Terrion Numesti and have liberated Fort Drelev.

Garuum’s Revenge

Source: Garuum

Quest: Since he was exiled from his tribe, Garuum’s festering anger has reached its breaking point. He claims to have found a “magic bug” and promises to give it to whoever can seek out the boggard tribe of M’botuu in Hooktongue Slough, kill its priest-king Sepoko, and bring his head to Garuum to feed to his pet slurk, Ubagub. Kill Sepoko and bring his severed head back to Garuum to receive an ebony fly figurine of wondrous power.

Status: The PCs massacred every man, woman and child of the M’botuu tribe after giving them the chance to repent the worship of their foul demon god.

Where’s Billy?

Source: Billy’s dad, Geoff

Quest: What’s that Svetlana Larson? Little Billy Tannersen got lost in the woods? Why of course we’ll go find him. While we’re at it, we’ll start a little war and then broker a peace treaty with the lizardfolk.

Status: The PCs rescued Billy from great danger and at the same time negotiated a peace treaty with the lizardfolk. Because of the rescue, the kingdom gained a permanent +2 to loyalty.

That Damn Turtle!

Source: Arven the fisherman

Quest: Svetlana told the PCs of reports of a very large and particularly aggressive hook-jaw turtle who was menacing fisherman and allegedly knocking over boats. Arven, a local fisherman, is offering a reward of 1 ring of feather falling to anyone who can kill the beast or drive it away from Arven’s favorite fishing hole.

Status: The PCs have dealt with Old Crackjaw, and won the ring which now protects the Duke from harm.

I Swear I’m Sober!

Source: Stan the lumberjack

Quest: Svetlana told the PCs about Stan the lumberjack claiming to have been attacked by a hodag, a dangerous, spiky predator. Stan’s friends all think he must have been drunk and imagined it, but Stan swears he saw the hodag in the Narlmarch Forest. Stan says if anyone can kill the hodag and prove he isn’t lying, they can keep the +1 Keen spear he stuck in its side!

Status: The PCs tracked and killed the Hodag and the Spear has been reclaimed as the Talon of the Baron.

Forest Drake Hunt

Source: The Kingdom

Quest: Svetlana heard rumors of a dragon in the Narlmarch forest killing off trappers and bandits, but other evidence suggests the creature is a forest drake, a cousin of the green dragon. Kill the dangerous (and evil!) creature and bring back its head as proof for a kingdom-sanctioned reward of 1200 gp.

Status: The PCs were ambushed by the forest drake, but managed to kill it and return to town with its head.

A Lady’s Desire

Source: Lily Crane

Quest: Lily heard an old legend about an abandoned Elven keep somewhere out in the Southern Greenbelt. She doesn’t have any information beyond that, doesn’t know if any dangers lurk there, or even if it exists. However, she mentioned to the PCs that she would dearly love any item of fine Elven craftsmanship they could find if they happen upon it. She can offer her father’s old +1 Ring of Protection (and a kiss!) for 1 item.

Status: The PCs traded a nude elven statue to Lily Crane for a Ring of Protection which is now protecting the High Magister.

Troll Potion #9

Source: A local alchemist

Quest: A local alchemist has a theory that trolls’ blood can serve as a catalyst during the creation of healing potions. But until he gets a supply of the blood, he won’t be able to prove his theory. Deliver a waterskin filled with troll blood to the alchemist. He doesn’t need more than one waterskin, so one troll donor should do the trick. The alchemist promises a reward of 1,200 gp in potions (hunter’s choice), deliverable about a week after the blood is brought to him. And don’t worry, the potions won’t be made with troll’s blood (he needs more than a week to experiment).

Status: The PCs managed to kill many trolls (after a brief death), and brought the kooky alchemist his blood.

Sticky Business

Source: A local herbalist

Quest: Shambling mounds aren’t as common in the Greenbelt as they are in Hooktongue Slough, but they’re not unheard of. A local herbalist has found that the sap of a shambling mound works wonders for cultivating certain medicinal herbs, and asks for one shambling mound’s worth of sap. Deliver the sap to the herbalist and she will reward you with 600 gp and 3 potions of cure moderate wounds.

Status: The PCs killed a shambling mound when hunting down the enraged giant owlbear. They brought the sap to the herbalist.

Northern Howls

Source: The Kingdom

Quest: A ferocious worg stalks the Kamelands! His name is Howl-of-the-North-Wind, and he’s been eating bandits and hunters for years. With the new influx of citizens into the Greenbelt, the ravenous worg needs to be slain before he acquires a taste for the citizenry! Kill the worg and display his body at town for the citizens to see. The kingdom approves a reward of 1,200 gp to the heroes who slay Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

Status: The PCs killed Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

Troll Sightings

Source: The Kingdom and Restov

Quest: There have been troll sightings in the lands south of the capital. When the swordlords of Restov got wind of this, they tasked the PCs with ridding the area of this menace. They will reward the PCs personally with 2000 gp and give additional support to Tusklunde (amounting to 10 BP).

Status: The PCs have cleansed the Greenbelt of the horrid trolls! (After dying, but just that once, and not for very long!)

Completed Quests

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