Fort Drelev


Formerly the capital of, and only city in, Drelev, Freeport joined Tusklund in Sarenith 4713 and was renamed shortly after. The people of Freeport joined in joyous celebration of their liberation and built up the city to a bustling trade port along the banks of Lake Hooktongue. The only remnants of their former oppression is a shrine near the north-eastern watch-tower to commemorate the fallen.

To further mark the occasion, Alexandros Timon commissioned a Cathedral to Sarenrae on the day the city was reborn under its new name of Freeport. The people whisper that Freeport is special to the King since it joined Tusklund in the holy month.


The former city

Fort drelev

1. Drelev Keep: This large stone and wood structure is the home of Baron Drelev, his family, and his allies.

2. Bellweather’s Soup n’ Kettle: This tavern and eatery is one of the only busy establishments in town—although the mercenaries who frequent it don’t pay for their meals. Asaia Bellweather and her four children provide these meals anyway, fearing reprisals should they do otherwise.

3. The Velvet Corner: This is Fort Drelev’s gambling hall and brothel, a site owned and run by a priestess of Calistria named Satinder Morne. She does brisk business these days, but an increasing amount of her time is spent making sure her rowdy customers don’t cause too much damage to her equipment or hurt her employees.

4. Iron Steeple Inn: Once Fort Drelev’s largest inn, this building is currently empty.

5. The Rat’s Shrine: Once a small stone shrine dedicated to Hanspur, the god of rivers and river travel, this shrine now stands abandoned—its only priest fled Fort Drelev the day the baron surrendered.

6. Secret Escape Tunnel: A hidden door at the base of this 30-foot-high bluff. This tunnel leads to the dungeons of Drelev Keep.

7. Sutton’s Stables & Smithy: Gask Sutton’s horses have all been given over to the Tiger Lords and Pitax as tribute. Gask himself spends his days toiling at building more weapons to arm the guards with or to ship to Pitax.

8. Temple of Sarenrae: This large stone building is only a shell—the interior is incomplete and empty. The three priests who were to officiate here were all taken into the keep the day the baron surrendered, and there’s been no sign of them since.

9. Watchtower: This wooden watchtower is staffed at all times by a half-dozen Drelev guards, who spend more time watching the gap in the wall to spot anyone trying to escape the town than they do looking out for anyone approaching. The wall gap itself is merely evidence of the unfinished defense—the baron has promised to finish the job once things “settle down” in town, but most locals
assume the job’s as finished as it’ll ever get.

Fort Drelev

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