King's Guard

The King’s Guard

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The King’s Guard are the loyal followers of Alexandros Timon and are lead by Phaedra Greyson. Originally formed to be an army combining magical and martial talents into a cohesive whole, the guard have grown as Alexandros’ needs have changed.

Aside from defense of the king and the royal family, the guard has several functions. On the road duties include securing campsites, piloting the boat and scouting. At home these duties extend to patrolling the castle, gathering information and providing magical services to the royal entourage. Almost all members of the guard have some magical talent, even if minor, and all of the primary magic users have some proficiency with martial weapons.


  • Captain: Sometimes referred to as chief-of-staff the guard captain is the commander of the guard and the liaison between Alex and the rest of the force. Currently this post is held by Phaedra Greyson.


  • Commander: The first officer is second in command, and sometimes called “number one” but generally only by the captain. This post is currently held by the Chief Medical Officer Gustav Whitewind, who is a Cleric (6) of the Dawnflower.


  • Lieutenant Commander: Just below the commander is the post of lieutenant commander, a position currently held by a human woman named Elisa Starr, a Spellthief (6) trained by Marian Palhalyn.

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  • Lieutenant of the Green: The chief of scouts typically reports directly to the Lieutenant Commander, but is empowered to bring reports of sufficient urgency directly to any member of the guard, or Alex himself in emergencies. Currently this post is held by a Druid (5) who goes by the name Desert Wind.


  • Lieutenant of the Blade: The master of arms is responsible for training for and disposition of the rest of the guard in tactical situations. Currently this post is held by a Wizardess (5) named Rosa Pineheart.



While not a specific accounting of every single class and level, by last count the guard consists of at least 3 dozen scouts, half a dozen druids, 2-3 dozen invokers, 1-2 dozen sorcerers, a handful of paladins and a number of rangers, druids, rogues, oracles, clerics, and other followers who make up an effective fighting force of varying levels 1-4.

Mechanically, this is all based on the Leadership feat.

The guard consists of 135 1st level, 13 2nd level, 7 3rd level, 4 4th level, 2 5th level and 2 6th level NPCs. Some of them are documented here (for flavor).

King's Guard

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