An outcropping of large boulders emerges from the weathered face of a nearby hillock. A narrow opening in the rock leads into darkness below. A recently painted sign is hammered into the ground beside the entrance.

The sign is bears the words “Sootscale Caves, Authorized Personnel Only” and is stamped at the bottom with the signet of Alexandros Timon.


Originally used by Taldan explorers, this mine was abandoned long before its potential was played out as the Taldans realized the mine was far too distant from other settlements to be viable.

The kobold tribes who rule these caves have allied themselves with the Kingdom, and, in exchange for storage and wartime resupply, the kobolds are left alone and have a trade arrangement with Stagfall.


Kobold caves


The name of the Sootscale kobold tribe changes each time their chieftain changes—currently, they are ruled by Chief Sootscale, and so they are known as the Sootscale kobolds. They have lived in this old silver mine in the side of a hill just north of the Shrike River for several decades, periodically clashing with bandits or mites or trappers but always enduring even through the most disastrous of times. The Sootscales all have dark gray or black scales, and have a particular fondness for swimming in the Shrike River and catching fish with their tiny teeth.


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