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Here are the wiki pages we have so far, don’t forget to check out the Characters tab for PCs and NPCs and the Maps tab for interactive, scrollable, zoomable, maps.

The Stolen Lands


Current Quests — What’s on the PCs’ plate at the moment.

Defeated Foes — Incomplete list of defeated foes.

Completed Quests

PCs’ Kingdom

Kingdom Stats – Details about the kingdom, links to towns, etc.

Kingdom’s Resources – Details about the unique resources in use by the kingdom.

Townsfolk — This is a list of citizens who have been mentioned in game but who aren’t notable enough to warrant their own character page.


Note that due to limitations in Obsidian Portal many of the maps are moving to the individual City and Town section of the Kingdom Stats wiki page.

Interactive maps list – Maps using the portal engine have zoom and label features.

Unclaimed But Explored

Special Locations


Kingdom Creation and Maintenance


  • Buildings – List of all building types, links to stats, pictures, etc.
  • Non-City Buildings – List of the buildings you can build outside of cities.

Magic Items



  • Attributes are done using 4E stat advancement:
    • At 4th and 8th level, characters get +1 to 2 separate stats.
    • At 11th level, characters get +1 to all stats.
    • At 14th and 18th level, characters get +1 to 2 separate stats.
    • If we play to 21st level, characters get +1 to all stats.

Main Page

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