Melody's River Bend

The river makes a sharp bend here, widening into a deep pool dotted with lily pads and fringed with waving reeds. The stumps of five coachwood trees are visible, but mostly blocked by three enormous oak trees.

Melody’s River Bend is a particular section of the Skunk river in which the nixie named Melody makes her home. The bend used to have five large coachwood trees placed that the nixie was very fond of, having seen them grow from young saplings. She also loved their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The PCs helped Melody after some lumberjacks cut down her coachwood trees. The PCs orchestrated an agreement where the loggers were required to pay taxes, but were allowed first cut of a coachwood grove the PCs had already found. The PCs then used some feather tokens they had gotten while helping Autumn to grow 3 enormous oaks.

In exchange, Melody agreed to help safeguard river travelers and provide information (via Autumn) to the kingdom. Melody’s loyalty and service provides a +2 stability bonus to the kingdom.


Melody's River Bend

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