In addition to the cities, lakes and towns, there are a few special resources scattered throughout the kingdom.

This page lists those claimed by the kingdom in the Greenbelt, see Special Locations for a list of locations that could become resources.


Statues and monuments to gods, heroes and the like. These are attractions to locals and travelers alike, inspiring a sense of loyalty to the kingdom.

Statue of Erastil

Hot Springs

Haunted Barrow


Certain NPCs become, themselves, resources (so long as they live). Examples include information gathering faeries, helpful nixies who serve as lifeguards, etc.

Autumn’s Grove

Melody’s River Bend


Places to store emergency goods, contain criminals or hidden fortifications, caves improve the overall stability of a kingdom.

Kobold Caverns

Mite Caves

Owlbear Caves

The old Dwarven Fort

Economic Resources

Particularly valuable mines or sources of food, lumber, etc, help to increase the overall economy of the kingdom.

Gold Mine

Fangberry Patch

A Coachwood Grove in Melody’s River Bend has been converted into a Logging Camp

Moon Radish Patch

Mud Pit

Fishing Hole



This mill town is built right next to a dam created by the tatzlwyrms that used to dwell there. This dam was used to easily make a bridge.

Formerly Rickety Bridge

This bridge used to be so rickety that only one person could cross safely at a time. The kingdom has fortified this bridge, and now it is a major thoroughfare.

Nettle’s Crossing

The bridge at Nettle’s Crossing has been reconstructed.

Ferry Station

A bridge has been built across the old ferry station.

Shrike Ford

A bridge has been built over the Shrike where the Shrike and the Thorn meet.

Shrike River Fort

A massive bridge spans the Shrike River with fortifications at both ends.

Thorn River ford

The old Thorn River Bandit Camp serves as a ford across, you guessed it, the Thorn river.

Former Ruins

Ruins that have been rebuilt and become part of the kingdom are listed here.

The Temple of the Elk

The Boggard Tower as Sanctum

The Ancient Elven Keep as Haven


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