Special Locations

In addition to the cities, lakes and towns, there are a few special resources scattered throughout the kingdom. This page lists all those which have not yet been claimed, but have been discovered.

This page lists those discovered, but not claimed by the kingdom, see Resources for a list of locations that have been claimed.

Landmarks, Statues, and Monuments

Landmarks can be natural wonders, like the hot springs, or statues and monuments to gods, heroes and the like. These are attractions to locals and travelers alike, potentially inspiring a sense of loyalty to the kingdom.

Stability Resources


Places to store emergency goods, contain criminals or hidden fortifications, caves can improve the overall stability of a kingdom.

Lizardfolk Village

Economic Resources

Particularly valuable mines or sources of food, lumber, etc, which could help to increase the overall economy of the kingdom.

Ruins and Buildings

Ruined building locations, make building easier. Whole buildings can be incorporated into new cities.

Fords and Bridges

Fords and bridges allow the kingdom to build roads over the river without paying extra build points. Fords, or bridges that aren’t ruined, can be crossed on their own. See each location’s wiki page for more info about this.

Special Locations

Places of note that aren’t potential resources, at least not as far as the PCs know.

Lightning Struck Tree

Dead Unicorn Pool

NPC Locations

Beldame’s Hut

Special Locations

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