Candlemere Tower


Founded as a city in Abadius 4712, after the Kingdom of Tusklund paid to remove the curse from the island, Candlemere became little more than a magical curiosity, containing only a single Caster’s Tower until late 4713 when the council voted for the creation of the Library of Tusklund. The library stretches over almost the entire district and totals more than 2,250,000 square feet on the ground floor. You can only barely see the ominous spire of the tower, which sits in the library’s courtyard, sticking out over the library’s vaulted roof.

The resulting economic boom from the construction effort immediately grew the city in size and it is now one of the major magical trading posts in the region. Certainly it is the only city in over 500 miles to support two magic shops.

The map of district 1 is below.



An old ruined tower in the middle of Candlemere Lake. While the PCs have not yet visited the tower, they have seen it from across the lake. At night, the glow of Will’o’Wisps can be seen from across the water.

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The PCs also learned from Jordan Scorch that Will’o’Wisps are Aberrations that feed off of fear, leading them to suspect the presence of dread sorcery or even necromancy on the isle.

Candlemere Tower

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