Current Quests

On this page you can view the current quests that the PCs have on their Adventuring To Do List™.

If there are any I left out, feel free to add one!

The Evil Fey

Source: On several occasions, the PCs have encountered evidence of or direct action by, a sentient, powerful, fey nemesis who seems hell bent on destroying their kingdom (and possibly all the kingdoms of man).

The first time the PCs found evidence of this was in the troll warrens in what is now the city of Crimson Crags. The troll war chief had a room filled with maps of the Greenbelt. On the maps were circled all of the locations where the PCs found fey and there was a note telling the trolls not to attack these spots.

The second event was not noticed until much later, but included a hostile Owlbear attack on the PCs kingdom. The Owlbear was commanded by a cursed magic ring. The curse was twofold, first it caused the Owlbear to turn on the ring’s wielder, and second it caused any attempts to scry on the ring’s creator to fail with a spectacular explosion of electricity.

The third event brought to light the connection to the second. A Quickling who had been chased out of the ruins of its home, now the city of Haven, paid a group of mercenaries to help assassinate the PCs. In his possession he had a note signed with a kiss. The note was in a feminine hand and included detailed information on the PC’s kingdom. When the PCs attempted to scry upon the note’s creator, it also exploded in a burst of lightning.

The most recent event was when the PCs scouted out the Hooktongue Slough. In one place, the PCs found Pixies and Wargs working together. One of the pixies was interrogated and admitted to there being a dark queen of wicked fey. He did not refer to her by name, but instead called her by many complimentary titles.

Quest: Find and defeat this fey threat.

The Castle of Knives

Source: Lore and rumor about the forests west of Pitax.

Quest: While not a traditional quest with a reward, the PCs are definitely interested in finding this place, and possibly learning more about their mysterious nemesis.

War of the River Kings

Source: Over the course of several kingdom years, the kingdom of Tusklund has realized it has an enemy in the west. At first this enemy seemed to be Fort Drelev but it has now become clear that the enemy is none other than King Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax.

The so called “Lord of the Sellen” invited the PCs to a tournament. At the end of the tournament, his armies attacked Freeport, formerly known as Fort Drelev. Unfortunately for the king, his ambition was wider than his strength and his armies very nearly destroyed themselves trying to capture the city.

Quest: Defeat the armies of Pitax! These include: Trolls, Wyverns, Barbarians, Mercenaries, Hill Giants with mastodons, and the Pitax Regiment.

Reward: A safer kingdom and tons of XP!

Status: The PCs have defeated the trolls and wyverns in one spectacular battle. Only 4 armies remain.

Kill or Capture Irovetti

Source: Alexandros Timon

Quest: The King is wanted for crimes against the citizens of Freeport and the Kingdom of Tusklund.

Reward: The gratitude of the King and possibly a hand crafted magical item.

Ovinrbaane – Enemy of All Enemies

Source: Identification of the cursed blade itself.

Quest: The PCs must travel to the Boneyard, the planar home of Pharasma herself, and strike a blow three times upon the headstone of their own grave. In so doing, they will destroy Ovinrbaane. Bonus points for not pissing off Pharasma and Gorum at the same time.

Reward: Alexandros believes that, if done correctly, some of the energies of Ovinrbaane can be re-used to help further refine the magics in the Kingdom Blade now wielded by Blaine Ironcrown. Regardless of which, destruction of the blade may be necessary to finally put an end to the threat of the Tiger Lord Barbarians who roam the hills waiting for Armag’s return.

The Whiterose Mystery

Source: Ilamanor Melarisan, local elf druid

Quest: When he learned the heroes are heading to Whiterose Hill, Ilamanor asked them to discover why the hill’s vegetation is so… unusual. He also asked them to restore the hill’s environment to something more natural than its current strange state, if they can.

Reward: Ilamanor is willing to part with his wand of stoneskin (35 charges).

Numerian Trade

Source: Malchar Tevalkan, local merchant

Quest: Corpulent Malchar Tevalkan is an ambitious merchant who has a plan to open trade with
Numeria. But first, he needs someone to build a road that connects any major city with Numeria. Build a road that any major Tusklunde city to Numeria by exiting the Stolen Lands’ boundary north or northeast of the Branthlend Mountains.

Reward: The new trade route increases the kingdom’s Economy by +2.

Wanted: Kob Moleg

Source: Kingdom of Tusklunde

Quest: Chieftain Kob Moleg has ruled the hill giant tribe known as the Tuskers for many years.
Strangely handsome for a hill giant, Kob is indirectly responsible for the majority of his tribe’s
destructive acts in the Stolen Lands. Killing him or defeating his tribe will make the region safer.

Reward: The removal of a strong leader among the region’s hill giants increases the kingdom’s Stability by +2.

Current Quests

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