Defeated Foes



Before the PCs came along, the Greenbelt was rife with banditry. Below are just some of the notable bandits defeated by our heroes.

  • The Stag Lord

The so-called king of the bandits had an “army” of roughly 2 dozen knaves. He ruled from ruined keep which he called his fortress. Almost always drunk or hungover, the Stag Lord mostly left matters to his second-in-command, Dovan. He wore an eerie helm and had considerable skill with a bow, even when drunk.

The PCs killed the Stag Lord when they attacked his fort. When examining his corpse, the PCs discovered he was covered in scars, which included disfiguring acid burns on his face. This is likely why he always wore his helm, which covered his face.

  • Dovan

Dovan was the top lieutenant, the second-in-command to the Stag Lord. Medwind Song explained to the PCs that this “goat fucker” (as she liked to call him) got his jollies from torturing her. He and his “buddy” Auchs ambushed her in the forest and brought her to the fort. Dovan tortured her and likely would have killed her soon before the PCs arrived if it had not been for the Stag Lord. Though the bandit king had no problem with Dovan making small cuts all up her legs, when Dovan attempted to burn her with acid the Stag Lord beat him to within an inch of his life. Dovan went to the druid in the basement for healing but was scared enough that he left Medwind alone for a week. Dovan was decapitated by Attila.

  • Falgrim Sneeg

Falgrim used to be a soldier in the same company as Olivia Garess. He stole from her and headed south, joining the Stag Lord’s troop of bandits. When the PCs attacked the fort, Max killed him with a mighty blow from his slingshot (after Jordan had hit him with Magic Missle, I think).

  • Auchs

Auchs was a huge man with a humpback. He did everything Dovan told him to, which usually meant beating people with a club. The PCs mostly killed Auchs, then accidentally brought him back to life with healing magic. He was quickly put down again.

  • Kressle

Kressle was one of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, and she was in charge of a group of bandits located at the Thorn River Camp. These bandits were extorting Oleg Larson.

Kressle enjoyed playing with her hatchets, which included such activities as sharpening them and using them to cut off the fingers of insubordinate bandits. The PCs killed her when they raided her camp.

  • Happs Bydon

Happs was Kressle’s second-in-command and occasional lover. He was killed by the PCs when he came to collect money from Oleg.

  • Bob (not pictured)

Bob was part of the group that came with Happs, and he surrendered. The PCs let him go because he repented for his crimes as a bandit and promised to go to Restov and join the city guard. Bob did so.

  • Other bandits (not pictured)

The following bandits met their grisly end at the Stag Lord’s fort: Ayles Megesen, Dirty Jeb Megesen, Fat Norry, Topper Red, Jex the Snitch, and Cragger Kench. There were also some other bandits in Kressle’s gang who were dealt with.

  • Unnamed druid (not pictured)

A strange old man lived in the basement of the Stag Lord’s fort. Medwind had heard the other bandits mention him as a source of healing, but they never said his name and all the bandits found him creepy. She never heard the Stag Lord talk about him. The PCs were forced to kill this man when he attacked them. Examination of his body revealed that he was covered in scars and had broken bones that had healed incorrectly. He also had a passing resemblance to the Stag Lord, but it was hard to tell for sure because the Stag Lord’s face was horribly scarred by acid burns.

Defeated Foes

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