Haunted Barrow

The PCs cleared out this haunted barrow after hearing about it from from The Old Beldame/Elga Verniex. The ancient murals and cave paintings now serve as a monument to the ancient people who used to live in the surrounding lands.

Barrow downs


The isolated barrow mound of a fallen barbarian warrior king has stood in this section of the Kamelands for untold thousands of years. Over time, the earth near the mound subsided, opening a crack in the side of the tomb and awakening the warlord’s undead guardians, who were sworn to defend their lord and his sepulcher even beyond death. The warlord, now known as the Lonely Warrior, had risen as an undead blasphemy himself. Still bound inside his crypt, he raged against the walls of his prison, dreaming dark dreams of conquest and blood. Yet for all their wrath and hatred, the undead of the Lonely Barrow had relatively little impact on the surrounding terrain. This, along with the fact that the tomb is not easily distinguished from the other grassy knolls dotting the landscape, meant that the barrow had gone undiscovered for many centuries, until the PCs found it and laid the undead to rest using aggressive negotiations.

The Lonely Barrow was the final resting place of an ancient barbarian warlord, his name long lost to history, who was interred in this crypt. Although the warlord was laid to rest in an impressive tomb along with his loyal guardsmen, the greedy brother who succeeded him claimed his fallen kin’s magic weapon as his own, neglecting to bury the warlord with his trusty weapon. Angered at this blasphemy and the desecration of his remains, the warlord’s spirit rose as an undead menace not long after. He sought out the treacherous brother, and although the stolen weapon became broken in the fight that followed, the undead warlord succeeded in killing the brother and returned to this cairn with his reclaimed weapon; he had stood eternal guard over his tomb ever since.


Ancient barrow

The Lonely Barrow’s interior is unlit and its ceilings average 7 feet high.

F1. Entryway

The walls of this octagonal chamber are decorated with crude mosaics of simple village life: hunting, fishing, and farming. The floor has been scraped clean though a faint tang of ammonia hangs in the air. Cobwebs and dust have been replaced with walkways and inscriptions.

F2. Central Chamber

Four tunnels exit this circular chamber in the cardinal directions. Four large monstrous faces, carved from stone, leer and grimace from each of the walls between the tunnel entrances. A skeleton sprawls face down in the middle of the room. A small plaque identifies the stone faces as representations of the four winds, incarnated as malevolent elemental spirits. The plaque further describes the trap which used to be a prominent feature of this room:

“Any living creatures entering the 10-foot-square area in the center of the room use to trigger a trap—the four faces seem to inhale deeply, then breathe out black tendrils of mist that sap the strength of any creature they touch. Nonliving creatures (such as constructs or undead) did not set off the trap.”

F3. Crypts

The walls of each dusty chamber are decorated with mosaic scenes of hunting and battle. Six biers line the walls, the resting places of respected warriors. These two crypts house the remains of those warriors honored with the privilege and duty of joining their lord in death and defending his barrow.

F4. The Warrior’s Tomb

The walls of this chamber are adorned with a plethora of weapons, shields, armor, and restored banners and standards. Interspersed among the displayed arms are carved scenes of battle, pillage, and conquest. The carvings are caked in pigments that were once brightly colored, and have been painstakingly restored. At the far end of the room lies a stone catafalque upon which rests a sarcophagus. A plaque explains that after a great battle with the leaders of the kingdom, the remains of the warlord were interred within the (newly created) sarcophagus to ensure the ancient warrior’s long and peaceful rest.

Haunted Barrow

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